Since the efforts behind each translation job (the same holds for the other services as well) depend not only on the quantity of material and the scheduled delivery date but also on the linguistic and content-related complexity of the texts to translate or proofread, I would like you to send me via e-mail the document(s) in question (or a representative fragment of it) so that I can calculate, on the basis of this, a concrete price offer for you. All documents entrusted to me will of course be treated with the greatest care and confidentiality. You will receive a precise estimate of the costs involved as soon as possible – needless to say, this offer will not imply any commitment from your side.

For a concrete price offer, please send me your document(s) (or at least a representative part of it) as MS Word or OpenOffice files. You can also send me your files as PDF, Powerpoint or Excel files. Further formats can be asked for.

Of course, all information you provide to me will always be treated with strict confidentiality and will never be revealed to any third party without your previous consent.